We take data privacy very seriously, because we know that trust and transparency are the core foundations of our work.

All data is anonymised and stored with firewall protection on a secure server.

Only the user knows the true identity of his personalised data.
— Marc van Nuffel, Chief Technology Officer

To defend against potential attackers, Burnout Protector uses state-of-the-art firewall technologies.

Data is analysed and evaluated exclusively in anonymised form and in aggregated values in line with scientific standards and principles. 

The data are stored locally in the browser memory of the user. If the browser's cache and cookies are cleared, the data will be deleted and they have to be filled again.


The data is surveyed and evaluated in accordance with scientific standards as specified by the Federal Act on Research Involving Human Beings (Further Use of Biological Material And Health-Related Personal Data for Research) and in compliance with the Guidelines on the Handling of Personal Data in the Field of Medicine as issued by the Federal Data Protection Commissioner. 

Further use may be made of non-genetic health-related personal data in coded form for research purposes if the person concerned or the legal representative or next of kin have been informed in advance and have not dissented. (...)
— Art. 33 Further Use of Non-Genetic Health-Related Personal Data/Federal Act on Research Involving Human Beings, 2011